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Punkapocalyptic: Previews

Neue Previews für Punkapocalyptic aus dem letzten Kickstarter gibt es bei Facebook.

Punkapocalyptic Previews1 Punkapocalyptic Previews2 Punkapocalyptic Previews3 Punkapocalyptic Previews4 Punkapocalyptic Previews5 Punkapocalyptic Previews6 Punkapocalyptic Previews7 Punkapocalyptic Previews8 Punkapocalyptic Previews9

Punkapocalyptic – Previews

There are only 4 models left to complete all the miniatures of our last KS. Next month we will launch the Pledge Manager and Late Pledge so that all of you who participated can select your rewards and so that those of you who didn’t participate can still buy these fantastic miniatures with the prices and stretch goals of the KS.

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