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Privateer Press: Warmachine Update

Privateer Press veröffentlicht für Warmachine und Hordes ein „Dynamisches Update“.

Warmahordes Update

WARMACHINE & HORDES: Quality of Life Dynamic Update

The promised time has come! Today, I give you what must be the longest Insider in the history of Privateer Press—included in this document is everything, from nerfs to quality-of-life changes to buffs. So, you can expect to see some repeats as well as some minor changes from previously released documents.

The big-ticket items that were not included in previous documents are: some theme lists lost some more options, and we decided to go live with our Bethayne 2 “nerf.” Also included are the templates for the new Shield Wall, Shield Guard, and Sacrificial Pawn changes so that I didn’t have to copy and paste them every time they came up. It should also be noted that I didn’t include text from old abilities.

Before you jump down to your favorite Faction and start reading, I want to make a few important announcements. First, these updates go live officially on the 25th of October—on that day, we’ll be updating War Room. We will update the card database as we finish the cards over the next month or so, (there are a lot to update). Second, the Theme List PDF will go live right after the card database is updated. Please bear with us as we update the majority of the cards and all the theme lists in the game. Once everything is up in War Room, it will all be officially live, and players should expect to play with the new rules in their games.

The last note is that this was an absolutely enormous undertaking, and we inevitably will have made some mistakes. The following list is the master list and is therefore always correct. If you see something that doesn’t match this list, please let us know by sending an email to frontdesk@privateerpress.com.

The following link takes you to the official document. That document will be the place to point people if they ever have a question about the update.

And with that, I hope everyone enjoys the new WARMACHINE and HORDES meta. and I look forward to seeing some crazy games at WarFaire Weekend! Happy Gaming!

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