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Plastic Soldier: Previews

Plastic Soldier Company zeigen auf Facebook neue Previews, es wird die 15mm Variante des GAZ-AA Trucks angekündigt und es gibt japanische Köpfe zu sehen.

Plastic Soldier Company GAZ Trucks

We are very pleased to announce the release of our first hard-plastic World War Two kit of 2021: 1/72 Russian GAZ Trucks!
This box comes with 6 models included – three GAZ-AA Trucks and three GAZ-AAA Trucks. An essential buy for your Soviet army!
The 15mm version is next on the production line.
Plastic Soldier Company Japanese Army
As we couldn’t let our 20mm gamers have all the Far East fun, a preview of one of the head variant sets for our 2021 15mm Japanese Army release to support Battlegroup Pacific and Divisions of Steel.
We have quite a few variants on the way, and though its early days the sculpting is going well. No firm date on release except its this year!
Hopefully… 😉
Quelle: The Plastic Soldier Company auf Facebook

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