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Painting Polygons: Neuer Kickstarter

Painting Polygons bereits einen neuen Kickstarter der Animal Adventures vor.

PaintingPolygons AnimalAdventures TheFarawaySea KS Prev01

Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea is a 5E campaign setting sure to intrigue and delight. For in that sea lies an endless chain of mysterious islands, each with its own invaluable treasure.
Follow now on Kickstarter and be the first to set foot on shore: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/animal-adventures-the…

PaintingPolygons AnimalAdventures TheFarawaySea KS Prev02 PaintingPolygons AnimalAdventures TheFarawaySea KS Prev03 PaintingPolygons AnimalAdventures TheFarawaySea KS Prev04 PaintingPolygons AnimalAdventures TheFarawaySea KS Prev05

An insightful bard once said “everybody wants to be a cat”. And is it any surprise? Graceful and smart, with a knack for self-preservation — and that’s just regular cats. Awakened cats are another matter.
Learn about awakened cats and how they’ll slip straight into your 5E campaign:

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