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Mortian: Medium Crawler Kickstarter

Der Medium Crawler von Mortian ist aktuell auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Mortian Medium Crawler

Mortian Medium Crawler 1

Modular crawler for 28mm scale Sci-fi tabletop games.

Mortian Medium Crawler 2

This Kickstarter will act as a preorder mechanism for the new Mortian Medium Crawler kits. You will recieve a store credit in the same hight as your pledge. Store credits from this KS can be used to purchase different items of the Medium Crawler category.

The chassis and the main guns will be sold as separate kits.

The shown kits will also become available in the store in Q3 or Q4 2021.


Mortian Medium Crawler 4 Mortian Medium Crawler 5 Mortian Medium Crawler 6 Mortian Medium Crawler 7 Mortian Medium Crawler 8 Mortian Medium Crawler 9 Mortian Medium Crawler 10

Content of the kits:

The Mortian Medium Crawler kit is resin casted and 3d printed (houses at the lower rear of the model).

The legs can be assembled in different angles and poses.

You can change the weapons and the gun shield to build two different variations:

  • An upper outwards pivot point with a small gun shield
  • A lower internal pivot point with a big gun shield

There are several different options for the main gun:

  • Battle cannon kit (separate kit)
  • Plasma Cannon kit (separate kit)
  • Quad Autocannon and Twin Lasercannon kit (separate kit)
  • Gatling gun kit (separate kit)

The model also has two small guns in the front with the following options:

  • Twin Machinegun
  • Heavy Grenadelauncher
  • Plasmacannon
  • Heatgun
  • Flamethrower

The Turret on the top comes with the following options:

  • Lasercannon
  • Heavy Grenadelauncher
  • Flamethrower
  • Twin Machinegun


Chassis length: 12 cm / 4,7″

Chassis hight: 5,5 cm / 2,1″

Chassis width: 6,5 cm / 2,5″

Overall length: 15 cm / 5,9″ (with battlecannon: 19cm / 7,5″)

Overall hight: 7 cm / 2,7″

Overall width:  15 cm / 5,9″

Store Credits:

You will get store credits for the mortian online store in the hight of your pledge. This makes it way easier for us to handle your orders. And it makes it easier for you to adjust your pledge after the Kickstarter. Just choose the items you want and pay with the store credit.

Please adjust the pledge ammount according to what you want to order.

For example:

You are located outside of the EU and want one chassis and two main gun inserts. The pledge should be 45,80€ + 10,50€ + 10,50€

According to Kickstarter rules you must pledge the full amount of the kits you want to buy later. You must not pledge 10€ to buy a 10,50€ kit. 

There are no additional fees to buy the products in the Mortian online shop other than shipping cost. Just choose what Medium Crawler kits you want and enter your code.

If you want you can add other products from the Mortian shop to your order in the Mortian shop to compensate the shipping cost.

Shipping cost must not be included in the KS pledge. The shown cost are just for your information.

Mortian Medium Crawler 3

Stretch Goals:


1 additional main weapon option (alternative Laser)


1 additional main weapon option (Beam weapon)


1 additional main weapon option (Twin blaster)


1 additional main weapon option (Siege gun)


Additional kit with mechanical arms as replacement for the small gun turrets.


Additional chassis variant with 360° rotateable turret and small arms on side of Turret.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 17 Tage.
Quelle: Mortian Medium Crawler


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