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Malifaux: Austera and Twigge

Wyrd zeigen einen neuen Charakter für Malifaux.

Hey Wyrdos,

On a lark, Waldo wanted to try out a new hobby: bird watching. Rather than us ruffling his feathers with any potential tips or tricks, he decided to wing it on his own. After owl was said and done, he wouldn’t stop raven about the sights he saw. Despite it clearly being a hoot, Waldo said he was going to quit cold turkey because he didn’t want to put all of his eggs in one basket.

Without feather ado, let’s take a look at one of the upcoming Explorer’s Society characters, Austera and Twigge, starting with a look into their story.

WY Malifaux Austera And Twigge 1

When Jedza passed through the Breach, her curse of life cast out like a net. It dragged and pulled fragments of a shattered body held just inside the Breach, reforming them into a young woman that emerged in Malifaux at Jedza’s side. The girl was gray and dead. An owl, its eyes glowing with brilliant and otherworldly color, rested on her arm. For the first time in ages, Jedza was fascinated. Though the girl was silent, she seemed to acknowledge Jedza’s questions. After many campfires and broken memories, Jedza was able to piece the story together: the girl called herself Austera, and her owl was Twigge. The pair had likely been present when the First Breach opened and became victims of its wild surge of magic. Austera could remember nothing except a boom and a blinding flash, then nothingness.

Fear of breaking apart again drove Austera to follow Jedza, but this quickly turned into respect and something akin to friendship. Malifaux’s magic healed the pair over time. Austera has since taken time to explore the wilderness for herself, one soul split between the air and ground. No matter how far they go, the two keep an eye on Jedza as thanks. Without her, they would still be locked in a formless existence between worlds.

We can’t wait to get her and the Seeker crew on the table. For those who are already brainstorming on how to paint her and her owl, here’s a bird’s eye view of her sculpt:

WY Malifaux Austera And Twigge 2

You won’t have to wait too much longer to get your hands on this fantastic pair. Take Jedza and her Seeker crew to the nest level by swooping up Austera and Twigge in April!

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