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Lost Kingdom Miniatures: Patreon Diorama

Nur für kurze Zeit können Lost Kingdom Miniatures Patreons das epische Krampus vs. Klaus Diorama herunterladen.

Lost Kingdsoms Krampus Vs Klaus2 Lost Kingdsoms Krampus Vs Klaus3 Lost Kingdsoms Krampus Vs Klaus1 Lost Kingdsoms Krampus Vs Klaus4 Lost Kingdsoms Krampus Vs Klaus5

Hello to all of you!
As you have been so good and supportive this year, Duke Klaus has come out to defend you from the evil Krampus and is going to leave you this amazing model as a gift in commemoration of such an epic battle.
This diorama will be available only on our Patreon at the end of next week
Merry Christmas to you all in these strange times . We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well!!!
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