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Knight Models: Previews

Knight Models zeigen Previews zu dem Kickstarter Brettspiel Escape from Arkham Asylum.

Knight Models Previews Escape From Arkham Asylum2 Knight Models Previews Escape From Arkham Asylum

Knight Models – Previews – Escape from Arkham Asylum

The Joker will be everything but lonely because Harley Quinn has arrived to Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum! Will you smash some doors with her giant hammer? Of
course you will!
Gotham City’s underworld needs its leader back… but he is at Arkham Asylum! Play as The Penguin, plan your escape and go back to the city. BUT! Be careful. Batman will try to catch you!
Don’t miss BATMAN: ESCAPE FROM ARKHAM ASYLUM! A cooperative dungeon crawler with hundreds of characters and thousands of hours to enjoy.
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