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Khurasan Miniatures: Previews

Khurasan Miniatures zeigt neue Previews auf Facebook.

Khurasan GOR

Khurasan – Gremlins of Raumm

The GOR (Gremlins of Raumm) have many riders as well as foot warriors. Most ride unarmoured Bee-ogs in scouting duties, outflanking or driving back enemy skirmishers, but a select elite ride plate armoured Bee-ogs and chain their mounts together. They roll forward wielding their spears with both hands, archers riding behind them in the gaps, pouring a steady rain of arrows on the enemy. These GOR chained cataphracts are the decisive strike force of a GOR mercenary army.
Design note: the GOR army was built around the Western Han Chinese army list, the one with the chariots. Since chariots don’t seem very GOR-y, they have the chained cataphracts instead — on the same base size, 40×40, there will be the three lancers in front on chained and armoured mounts, and in the gaps, two archers on unarmoured mounts.

Khurasan Landsknechte

Khurasan – Landsknechte

We will soon be adding Landsknechts to our “Ravenna to Rome” range of 15mm early 16th century. Here are the arquebusiers. Pikes, halberds and command previews coming soon.

Khurasan Early Samurai Retainer

Khurasan – Early Samurai Retainer

Early samurai period retainers — including one with bear claw spear! Because we had to have one. (Four others have naginata and one has a hoko yari.) Three are in very cheap, light armour, three others are better protected.


Quelle: Khurasan Miniatures auf Facebook

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