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Kaha Miniatures: Rin Preview

Von Kaha kommt bald ein neues Modell.

KM Kaha Miniatures Rin Daughter Of The Legendary Oni King

Rin – Daughter of the Legendary Oni King and Imori Senshi
Satsuki Clan Yokai faction – Oroko Kaha Miniatures 2021ORDER is IMMINENT !
For pre-orders :
  • Special price preorder before 3 september 2021 : 75 € + shipping
  • Regular price : 85€ + shipping preorder after 3 september 2021
  • Shipping worldwide 7€
Multiparts grey resin unpainted unassembled
  • scale : 75mm
  • diameter base : 60mm
Shipping estimate : September
You can send us a private message to order with your infos
  • Paypal address
  • full name and shipping address
  • phone number
We will send you an invoice thank you for your support

KM Kaha Miniatures Rin Daughter Of The Legendary Oni King 2

ARE YOU READY GUYS ?? Stay tuned in a few hours something will happend

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