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Imperial Terrain: Terrain Machine Kickstarter

Terrain Machine soll eine App-Lösung für das Erstellen und Modifizieren von 3D-Modellen auf Grundlage der Imperial Terrain Modell-Sammlung sein. Das Projekt wird per Kickstarter finanziert.


Die Kampagne:

Terrain Machine | Tabletop Wargaming Will Never Be The Same

A new app that gives wargamers the ability to design and 3dprint custom terrain in minutes…without needing 3d modeling experience.

New App Gives Wargamers The Ability To Design and Print Custom Terrain In Minutes

(Even If You Have Zero Modeling Experience)

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter2

Let’s be honest, buying your terrain online kinda sucks.

You’ve got a vision for your table but you can’t seem to find the exact piece.

You search the internet and buy a few pieces hoping they’ll be what you want, but you’ve been let down more times than you can count.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could stop searching and bring your exact ideas to life using a simple app?

Good news, now you can…

But before I get into that, let me tell you my story. My name’s Dave Lawson and I’m the founder of Imperial Terrain.

Like a lot of wargamers, I wanted to throw together some 3d models I found online to make custom pieces for my board.

Easy, right?

WRONG. I had no clue how much time that actually required.

It took months to teach myself beginner-level modeling basics… And to become a master at this stuff? You guessed it, even more time.

Luckily, all of my hard work paid off when I got to show off my custom terrain pieces to my friends…


Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter3

Friend: “Holy sh!t this is really freakin awesome dude where did you buy these?!”

Me: Uh, I actually modeled and printed this entire board myself…

Friend: *eyes light up* seriously????

Once I told my friend I designed and printed everything myself, he got super excited about the possibilities (as he held my custom model in front of his face, staring at it and wondering what holocron or dataslate I gleaned this knowledge from).

Who doesn’t want a 3d modeling friend that can make you anything you want, ya know?

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter4

The problem was, I didn’t have time to customize each and every piece my friend asked me for…

So, I had a lightbulb moment.


What if every wargamer had the option to customize and print any terrain they wanted without learning 3d modeling… and without being stuck with the same designs they see online…

So, I created the Terrain Machine.

Terrain Machine:

Here’s the simple version: if you can click a mouse on a computer, you can create the custom terrain you’ve always wanted. Terrain Machine gives you a virtual “workshop” that lets you create, customize, and download STLs of your creations from the app.

With one click you can add, remove, or replace anything you’d like.

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter5 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter6 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter7 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter8

Pretty cool, right?

You can bring your ideal war game to life with just a few clicks.

Once you finish customizing your terrain, you’ll find everything saved inside your workshop. If you need to edit or copy an existing design, you can do that there.

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter9

Feeling like a 3d modeling master yet? Here comes the cool part…

From there, Terrain Machine will glue your selections together in 200mm x 200mm STLs, zip them up with any extras, and be ready to open right in your slicer for printing.



Now, how about a test drive?

If you’d like to take a look around the app, see what models are available, and build your own terrain for free, you can do that by clicking here. Keep in mind, STL downloads will be disabled until the Kickstarter is complete and we launch the app (Late April when payments have cleared).

Probeversion der Terrain Machine ist hier verfügbar.

Go set up an account now and start building your own custom terrain in seconds so you see just how easy it is.

Once you do that, come back to this page and back the project so you can get unlimited downloads for the next 3, 6, 12 months or infinity. Yah, Infinity.


We want to give you the keys to your own personal wargamer workshop, a literal digital terrain factory with the freedom to create anything you want and bring any table you can imagine to life.

You’ll have the ability to pull a picture straight out of your brain, put it through the Terrain Machine, and have it on your table the very same day.

THAT is what we want for you.

And that’s exactly what Terrain Machine does.

But that’s just the beginning. The technology we’ve chosen under the hood is a true game engine that allows us to give the Terrain Machine some truly awesome capabilities.

Kickstarting the Terrain Machine not only enables us to build those capabilities but also to get direct feedback about what you, the backer, want to see the app accomplish.

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter11

Any themes that are Add-on themes will require an additional $11 per Add-on Theme on top of the normal pledge. See Add-on Themes below.


Beta Access – The Level 3 and Level 4 Backers will receive access to new features first and be able to provide input on those features.

Live Blueprint Sessions – These sessions will be a small virtual group setting where Level 4 backers get direct access to the Terrain Machine Foreman (Dave). During these sessions, we will discuss upcoming features, model releases, tips and tricks with the application, and an exhaustive Q&A session.

Lifetime Unlimited Imperial Terrain Downloads – This perk applies to Themes created in the application by Imperial Terrain. Themes not created by Imperial Terrain will have a 12 month usage period.

What happens after my Kickstarter Pledge period expires? – After your pledge period expires,  your account will transition to a Pay per Layout download. You will purchase each Layout you wish to download with Terrain Machine credits. Credits will be purchased in bundles (5, 10, 20, etc).


Backers Level 1-4  will have access to the 3 following Themes when the Terrain Machine is released on April 2nd.

28mm: Military Outpost

Due to some insane weather in Texas, we haven’t been able to wrap up all the 28mm designs that are included with the base pledge. Here is the concept art we will use to finish them out. We should be able to have all extra models completed by launch.

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter12 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter13 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter14 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter15

32mm: Dense City

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter16

32mm: Desert Cantina

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter17

 Add-On Themes:

These are themes created independently by their creators. All proceeds will go to those creators. Each Add On is $11. Add-Ons will be handled through Kickstarter. You will be able to create unlimited STLs from the Add-On sets for the same amount of time as your basic pledge.

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter18 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter19 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter20

Stretch Goals:

Stretch Goals for the Terrain Machine Kickstarter will come in two types.

The first type is a Terrain Machine capability upgrade. By unlocking this type of stretch goal, you will allow us to conduct the research and development needed to enable the stretch goal.

The second type of stretch goal unlocks additional 3d models for the application. By unlocking this type of stretch goal, these models when complete will be added to the application and available for all normal backers, no Add-Ons required.

Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter1 Imperial Terrain Terrain Machine Kickstarter21


Stand 34.000+ USD (Ziel 10.000 USD)

Ende: March 28 2021 7:00 PM CEST.

Link: Terrain Machine KS


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