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GW: Zubehör der Oger für Blood Bowl und ein Space Marine

Kommenden Samstag bekommen die Teams der Oger für Blood Bowl Zubehör für Blood Bowl und Forge World wird mit Maloghurst the Twisted ein weiteres Charaktermodell für die Horus Heresy veröffentlichen.

Sunday Preview – Ogres Smash Up Blood Bowl

The Mortal Realms quake in preparation for Dominion’s launch, but there are plenty of other goings-on next week. A monstrous team receives a suitably bleak Blood Bowl pitch and one of the Warmaster’s favoured warriors receives a spectacular Horus Heresy miniature.

First thing first, let’s go pitchside for a closer look at what the Ogre teams have in store for them in next weekend’s pre-orders.

Blood Bowl

Ogre Team Accessories

Ogre teams are going to be treated to a harsh and desolate double-sided Blood Bowl pitch and matching dugouts set next Saturday. One side represents a dry, cracked wasteland ravaged by desert winds, while the other side depicts the same grounds covered in icy snow from a sudden blizzard. The set also includes rules for playing a game amid these trying conditions.

The updated Ogre Team Card Pack, featuring 44 handy reference and Special Play cards for the lumbering brutes and their Gnoblar teammates, and Dice Set to channel Nuffle’s favour when you play are also available to pre-order next weekend.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Ogres Smash Up Blood Bowl 1

Fans of the Horus Heresy can look forward to pre-ordering one of the Warmaster’s most trusted advisors next Friday…

The Horus Heresy

Maloghurst the Twisted, the Warmaster’s Equerry

After recovering from a terrible injury, Maloghurst the Twisted was granted the honour of carrying the Warmaster’s personal icon into battle – the Eye of Horus. This astonishing resin miniature is a must-have addition to any Sons of Horus collection.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Ogres Smash Up Blood Bowl 2

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