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Gear Krieg: Walker STLs

Dream Pod 9 veröffentlicht Weird War Walker aus dem Gear Krieg Universum als STL Dateien.

Gear Krieg Walker STLs 5 Gear Krieg Walker STLs 4 Gear Krieg Walker STLs 3 Gear Krieg Walker STLs 2 Gear Krieg Walker STLs 1

Gear Krieg – Walker STLs je 18,99 USD

Great News for Fans of Gear Krieg and 3D Printing!
Big news today, Dream Pod 9 is going to start selling 3D Model STL files for Download on the DP9 Online Store. Our first offerings are four 28mm Scale (1/56 scale) 3D Models STL files for our Gear Krieg Universe. These are larger more detailed models than our existing line 1/100 scale Gear Krieg pewter miniatures. Checkout the attached 3D model renders of exploded parts views for the General Early Combat and Command Scout Walkers and Valkyrie Combat and Command Scout Walkers. Here is a link to the Gear Krieg 3D Models Section of the DP9 Online Store for all interested in picking up some cool 3D Models to 3D print.
A big thank you to the team of Brent Dietrich and John Cunningham who worked on the General Early and Valkyrie 3D models for Dream Pod 9. We have also given John the permission to add a Gear Krieg promo section with model info and stats for the NUTS Weird War book that he’s updating.
Here is DP9’s planned release schedule for Gear Krieg 28mm scale 3D models:
– Nov 2021: General Early & Valkyrie walker models.
– Dec 2021: Longstreet & Loki walker models plus US & German weapons packs.
– Jan 2022: The British are Coming! – British Cav walker models.
– Feb 2022: Avanti! Italian LC walker models.
– Mar 2022: The Russians are coming! Russian G27 walker models.
– April 2022: Banzai! Japanese Shiki walker models.
We also have plans to release 3D Model 1/144 scale STL files in the coming months for Heavy Gear Blitz buildings, terrain, and larger models like the Northern Orca Gear Transport VTOL and Southern Goliath Transport Aircraft.
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