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Fenris Games: Wyrdworld ReCreated

Fenris Games arbeiten an einem neuen Kickstarter.

FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 1

Okay, KS has just approved the project! #WyrdworldReCreated aims to launch next week on Tuesday 31st; you can follow and get notification of Launch here: https://www.kickstarter.com/…/wyrdworld-recreated-28mm… And, you know, start sharing it too !

FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 2

Tommy Tanuk’s the deadest shot with a bow this side of the Lamina Mountains, able to shoot the eye off a murder hornet at a hundred feet. Runs a profitable sideline loaning money at exorbitant rates to gullible settlers.
Single piece resin miniature, 25mm tall. Part of the #WyrdworldReCreated kickstarter launching on August 31. Sculpt by @snuurg, paint by @VoiceOfKosh

FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 3

First and last into/out of a fight, this giant badger’s renowned for his ability to judge the likely outcome of any combat before it starts. A master tactician, exceptionally partial to a fishfinger. Single piece resin miniature, 27mm tall.
Part of #WyrdworldReCreated on KS Aug31 – Sculpt by snuurg

FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 4

Kaane came down from the frozen North in search of the bug queen whose drones wiped out his whole village, not knowing that in the warmer lands, bug queens were a dime a dozen. At least the experience he picked up means he can find regular work as a tunnel fighter now…
55mm tall resin model, one of many in the imminent #WyrdworldReCreated kickstarter launching August 31. Sculpt from snuurg with colours by Duff Paint

FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 5 FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 6

Oscar adventurous – on a quest to find his sister after they were separated as pups, Oz went through four foster homes before settling into his career of chasing and guarding and booping the snoot. Needs two hours of high intensity exercise every single day, even in a dungeon.
One of 20+ 28mm-scaled anthro models coming to Kickstarter on August 31st. Sculpt by snuurg with paint by Here Be Goblins

FG Fenris Wyrdworld ReCreated 7

WIP teaser from one of the many painters currently ottering away (beavering! I meant beavering!) on PJs for the imminent Wyrdworld ReCreated kickstarter. This is Smudge, otter rogue – sculpt by @Snuurg, paint by @Voice of Kosh
22 models in super sharp detail resin, all by Snuurg, and all suited for any game you like involving 29mm-scaled anthros…
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