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EC3D: Previews

EC3D Designs teilt Previews zu Beyond the Badlands.

EC3D Badlands 1 EC3D Badlands 2 EC3D Badlands 3 EC3D Badlands 4 EC3D Badlands 5

EC3D Designs – Beyond the Badlands Preview

I love fantasy, I love sci-fi, but I have to say.. making post-apoc stuff might be the most fun I have ever had modeling! Me and the rest of the team are creating some epic stuff and it’s going to culminate in one hell of an awesome project sometime next year!
Quelle: EC3D Designs FB
BK-Herr Kemper

Mostly Harmless. Im Hobby seit den 80ern..... Spielt: Infinity (Nomads & Aleph), Warmachine (Khador & Mercs), BattleTech (Alpha Strike), 7TV Adventures, In Her Majesty's Name, Dust, Batman TMG

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