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Dork Factory: Previews

Bei Dork Factory gab es im Mai Newsletter ein paar Ausblicke auf die nächsten Releases.

DorkFactory Newsletter1

Hello from the Dorkfactory!

The new patreon system is working out even better than I had hoped in terms of upping the quality of models coming out of the Dorkfactory and in the next few months there will be a lot of really cool new releases. Here’s a look at what’s coming up!

June batch: House Guard Squad

Next month’s batch continues to keep one foot in the realm of my own necro-cyborg designs, and one in the land of the evil space elves we all know and love. This time I’m making a squad of 5 infantry dudes that will have a lot of options in terms of appearance. Here’s a preview of 3 of the 5 poses (KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE WORKS IN PROGRESS, some fixing and detailing will be done between now and release time).

DorkFactory Newsletter2

There will be some more classic poses as well but I’m trying to be very dynamic with most of them to capture the fast, graceful spirit of the aforementioned evil space elves.

In the past I’ve done some batches where different parts of the armor/equipment/etc. get moved or removed to create unique models for a squad, but this time I’m going to release a couple base versions of each pose and have additional bits that can be added to customize the look. Here’s a peek at some of the possible combinations for one pose: (AGAIN, WORK IN PROGRESS)

Dorkfactory Newsletter3

As you can see there will be different head options and shoulder options on top of the two main base models — those being long robe and plain old armored pants. A few more weapon options will show up as well.

Coming in July: The Agony Construct

Dorkfactory Newsletter4

Once again I’m gonna say that this is the coolest thing I’ve ever made (I say that a lot but maybe that’s good cause stuff keeps getting better!). It’s doing the same thing as the house guard in terms of straddling my own design ideas and also being proxiable as an evil space elf unit.
This is going to be the guest artist model for The Makers Cult in June but my patrons will get it the next month (part of the deal is they keep it for one month, but don’t worry, you’ll get it right after that alongside the July release). There are still a couple details I want to add and it hasn’t been fully posed yet but I really love how it’s turned out so far. Hope you like it too! I’ll have more renders and a behind the scenes look at the creation of this monstrosity when we get closer to July.

New Model in the Starter Pack!

If you’re a patron, don’t forget to check the starter pack for another free model! After rebooting the way I do releases for this patreon and changing the tiers around membership has grown a lot! We quickly surpassed the 50 patron goal. Thank you so much to all my new (and old) patrons. Hopefully we’ll hit 100 soon and I’ll add another model to the starter pack!

Alright everybody, that’s all for now. I’ll see you again soon for the June release!

Happy Hobbying,

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