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Diehard Miniatures: Sci-Fi Previews

Diehard Miniatures geben schon einmal einen kleinen Ausblick auf 2022.

Diehard ScifiUndead Prev01 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev02 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev03 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev04 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev05 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev06 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev07 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev08 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev09 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev10 Diehard ScifiUndead Prev11

I may be away on a family holiday but it won’t stop me sharing a new Sci-Fi undead unit coming in 2022! Pics aren’t great but I think you’ll get an idea of what to expect. The next Diehard Miniatures KS will be structured slightly differently with freebies offered throughout the campaign for those that back at the correct level. More info to come!

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