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Cyber-Forge: Oktober Teaser

Cyber-Forge teilen erste Teaser des Oktober Patreons.

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Cyber-Forge – Oktober Teaser

Hello everyone!

In the great underbelly of Titan City, there are whole kinds of characters living right on the edge. They long for the trill of the heist and glory of the streets. You can call them whatever you like but the Upper City calls them criminals. They see themselves as mere opportunists and we admire their hustle.

What’ts up velhos? This will be mostly Cyberpunk and Shadowrun-inspired release, designed mostly from your original ideas! Need a crew? Need a place for them to meet up? We have got you covered and this is only the beginning as katanas and hexes will be back for more!

Link: Cyberforge Patreon

BK-Herr Kemper

Mostly Harmless. Im Hobby seit den 80ern..... Spielt: Infinity (Nomads & Aleph), Warmachine (Khador & Mercs), BattleTech (Alpha Strike), 7TV Adventures, In Her Majesty's Name, Dust, Batman TMG

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