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Crystocracy world miniatures: Kickstarter läuft

Mit Crystocracy sind Miniaturen im Dieselpunk und Cthulhu Stil auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Crystocracy world miniatures

Resin miniatures in dieselpunk and Cthulhu mythos style for players, collectors, and painters.


Greetings from Andrzej (Ater), Jakub (MiniaturesArtTeam) and Pawel (PJG_sculptor). For some time we were working together on something on the side which finally became a big miniature project. We plan to put it together in a board – battle game!

But let’s take small steps and start gently. In our first project, we want to offer you some miniatures from the world which were shown to us in the dreams by one guy, who calls himself Cthulhu (we know… it is quite weird, but the dreams were really cool).

Inspired by these visions, we create a new universe in the dark, steampunk/dieselpunk climate. Now we want to show you our project and we cordially invite you not only to participate in the project itself but also to create it. Please, share your thoughts and opinions with us! Please come closer, sit down and hear a story about the Crystocracy.

Millions of years ago, the Great Old Ones came to grey moon of blue planet. On the dark side they found a mysterious crystal. Fascinated by its influence, they possessed it. However, the Great Old Ones were unable to control its power, so they abandoned it on a nearby planet. Millions of years later, people started digging deep…

Mankind driven by greed dug deep for valuables. One day they came across the ancient crystal. It immediately took possession of their souls and became the most precious thing on Earth. Moon Crystal began to metamorph their minds and also … their bodies.

Crystocracy World Miniatures 14

We do our best to offer you the best product we can. We already started to make test 3D prints, and make test resin casting samples of the miniatures we are offering. Renderings show work in progress, not final products. All the changes (if any) will be added to make the 3D printing easier and to offer the best quality resin miniatures.

We will offer two versions of the STL files – pre-supported, and without supports, so you will be able to choose which one you want to use.

Resin casting samples:

Crystocracy World Miniatures 15 Crystocracy World Miniatures 16


Crystocracy World Miniatures 1 1 Crystocracy World Miniatures 1 2 Crystocracy World Miniatures 2 1 Crystocracy World Miniatures 2 2 Crystocracy World Miniatures 3 1 Crystocracy World Miniatures 3 2 Crystocracy World Miniatures 4 1 Crystocracy World Miniatures 4 2 Crystocracy World Miniatures 5 1 Crystocracy World Miniatures 6 2 Crystocracy World Miniatures 7 Crystocracy World Miniatures 8 Crystocracy World Miniatures 9 Crystocracy World Miniatures 10 Crystocracy World Miniatures 11 Crystocracy World Miniatures 12 Crystocracy World Miniatures 13 1 Crystocracy World Miniatures 13 2 Crystocracy World Miniatures 13 3


All the orders will be sent via priority mail (Polish Post). The shipping cost will depend on the number of models purchased and will be calculated via the pledge manager after the campaign ends.

Shipping cost range:

Crystocracy World Miniatures 17

prices are estimated and may change

Please Take Note!

Be aware that because of the COVID situations some shipping delays may rise. In this case, your orders will be sent as soon as it will be possible. Of course, We will inform you about the shipping process on a regular basis.

Die Kampagne ist noch nicht finanziert und läuft noch 12 Tage.

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