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Crooked Dice: Colony 87 Preview

Crooked Dice zeigen auf Facebook neue Modelle aus der Colony 87 Reihe.

Crooked Dice Colony 87

Crooked Dice: Colony 87 Preview – Streetpunks

Coming soon… Here are some new Colony 87 figures for our retro sci-fi range! These bratty ne’er-do-wells can be found smoking defstiks and generally making a nuisance of themselves on most street corners, from the lofty Spires to the Tiered Market.
These were sculpted by James Sherriff and will form part of the fourth wave of figures – with over 30 new sculpts coming Autumn 2020.
Check out the rest of our Colony 87 range here:

Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio auf Facebook

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