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Crooked Dice: Neue Previews

Crooked Dice zeigen auf Facebook einige neue Previews.

Crooked March Prev01 Crooked March Prev02

Apologies for being a bit quiet, been flat out for the last few days with Kickstarter admin and planning and prepping 7TV: Fanatsy for the printers.
So here’s a quick preview of our Monster Hunter that will be released later this year for 7TV: Fantasy. Sculpted by Drew Williams and painted for display by Simon Bradley. I rather love him!

Crooked March Prev03

No rest for the Crooked! Been a really busy week, so here’s a quick update…
Thanks to everyone who have completed the Lurkers From The Deep pledge manager – we’ve had almost a fifty per cent response so far! Keep ‘em coming! Dave has been finishing off the last few bits of art for the Lurkers Guide. Plus I’ve been busying with all the admin and logistics – including trying to find some container space to store all those VHS cases!
Meanwhile we have been preparing 7TV: Fantasy for print. Going slightly mad checking, and double checking, the 230 profile cards. Got a couple of days worth of checking print files – but this is nearly ready for press. All on track for a June release!
Also been trying to nudge along future release plans… at least four more feature packs, plus rules updates and the next boxed set!
Miniature wise, Ernst also finished the last of the four Soldiers of Fortune, so if you have a problem, and no-one else can help… Also had a nice push on a new batch of Colony 87 sculpts from Andrew May – and commissioned a few more. Here’s a preview of the Mounted Caravan Guards!

Quelle: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio auf Facebook


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