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Creature Caster: Maltique the Auromancer

Creature Caster haben ein besonderes Preview enthüllt.

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Battling Cancer – Special Miniature

Maltique the Auromancer

Reading the auras and emotions of all is a blessing and a painful curse.

Created in concert with our friend, Michelle, who is currently battling cancer. 50% of the proceeds generated from the sale of this model (for all time) will be going to the BC Cancer Foundation.

Maltique’s Ties to Our World

A beautiful model whose pain reflects an earthly one

Maltique is a very special model that we have created in concert with one of our friends, Michelle, who we met at our very first Adepticon in 2018. Michelle has been a very active member of the miniature painting community, regularly volunteering her time at many conventions and bringing much joy to everyone who knows her.

Michelle has also been battling cancer for many years now and, late last year, she received the news that the cancer has spread to her brain.

Maltique the Auromancer is our way of saying thank you to Michelle for everything she has done for the community. Maltique has been designed to be reminiscent of someone going through the struggles of chemotherapy. She is both a celebration of Michelle’s life and an acknowledgment of her ongoing battle. She is also a symbol of strength in the midst of unimaginable pain.

Your purchase will help to fund Cancer Research

50% of the proceeds generated from the sale of this model (for all time) will be going to the BC Cancer Foundation. We are very excited to contribute, with your help, to funding research that will benefit both current and future generations of hobbyists, gamers, and everyone else affected by this detrimental disease.

Price TBD.

Models are unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

CC Maltique The Auromancer Creature Caster 4

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