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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlichen Neuheiten.

Corvus Games Terrain  Neuheiten 3 Corvus Games Terrain  Neuheiten 2 Corvus Games Terrain  Neuheiten 1

Corvus Games Terrain – Neuheiten

  • Sci-fi Uladh Starport Buildings Bundle – 18,00 EUR

A collection of six 3D printable sci-fi 28mm scale buildings ideal for creating a scifi settlement or outpost. Ideal for creating a „Botched Deal“ style scenario. Different shapes and sizes give a great variety to your layout. Also comes with two makeshift barriers for line-of-sight blocking, and can be placed around the table and added to the rooftops.

Each structure has a removable door and roof allowing access to the interior, as well as an external ladder for rooftop access.

  • Builder’s Greebles Pack ‚3‘ – 3,00 EUR

Print at home extra detail add-ons for your scratch-built or purchased buildings. Really useful for hobbyists who want to add „greeblie“ bits to their terrain. Designed for 28mm-34mm war-games such as Warhammer 40K, Stargrave and Star Wars Legion. A great addition to the very popular Builder’s Greebles Pack and as a fantastic way of customising the Uladh Starport buildings.

  • Sci-fi Uladh Starport Miniatures Bases Digital – 5,00 EUR

A set of 10 3D printable sci-fi miniatures bases in 25mm and 32mmsizes.
Also comes with 5 based ‚loot‘ markers compatible with Stargrave.

Each base is supplied as a regular solid version for FDM printing as well as a hollowed version more suited to resin printing. The 32mm bases don’t require hollowing for SLA.
Combine with the Uladh Starport buildings for a themed feel to your table.

Compatible with sci-fi tabletop games such as Star Wars Legion, Infinity, Necromunda, Stargrave, 40k, Judge Dredd, etc …

Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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