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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlicht Neuheiten.

Corvus Games Terrain  Urban House 'B' Suburbia  1 Corvus Games Terrain  Urban House 'B' Suburbia  2 Corvus Games Terrain  Urban House 'B' Suburbia  3 Corvus Games Terrain  Urban House 'B' Suburbia  4

Corvus Games Terrain – Urban House ‚B‘ Suburbia Digital STL 3D printable – 6,50 USD

A 3D printable Suburban House scaled for 28mm compatible with games like Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, Fallout, The Walking Dead All Out War, This Is Not A Test, and other 28mm survival games. A great companion piece to the Suburban House A, the Farmyard Barnand St. Gabriel’s Church.

Supplied as a multi-part printable file for faster printing. The roof lifts off to allow access to the interior of the building. Both floors also come as a windowless version for those who like to use the windows for line-of-sight.

Scale between 115% and 126% to be compatible with Marvel Crisis Protocol, depending on personal preference and print bed size/capabilities.
Assembled size at 28mm – 212mm x 227mm x 167mm

Corvus Games Terrain  Sci Fi Shipping Containers1 Corvus Games Terrain  Sci Fi Shipping Containers2 Corvus Games Terrain  Sci Fi Shipping Containers3 Corvus Games Terrain  Sci Fi Shipping Containers4

Corvus Games Terrain – Sci-fi Shipping Containers  Digital STL 3D printable –  5,00 USD

Enhance your gaming table with this set of 3D printable sci-fi shipping containers, perfect for blocking line of sight and giving your units heavy cover. Stack them high, build a maze, create fire lanes – cargo containers and cargo pallets are so versatile for dividing up the table and adding a more immersive sci-fi feel to your game.

Comes as two main versions, plus a number of options with opened interiors and removable roofs. The body of the container also has pegs/holes to allow you to stack multiple containers.

Corvus Games Terrain  Old West General Store1 Corvus Games Terrain  Old West General Store2 Corvus Games Terrain  Old West General Store3

Corvus Games Terrain – Old West General Store  Digital STL 3D printable – 5,00 USD

A 28mm scale 3D printable General Store for old Wild West themed games. Compatible with Dead Man’s Hand, Dracula’s America, Wild West Exodus, and Malifaux.

The building prints as three main pieces, with a separate printable store sign. The lower part of the building features an integrated boardwalk to the front and and an internal floor for interior play. An ideal companion piece to St. Gabriel’s Church for building your western themed town.

Supplied with the option for blanked or ‚open‘ windows.



Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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