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Corvus Games Terrain: Orktown Ruins

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlichen Neuheiten.

CorvusGamesTerrain3DPrintableOrktownImperialRuinsfor28m 32mmtabletopscifiminiatureswargames 1080x CorvusGamesTerrain3DPrintableOrktownImperialRuinsfor28m 32mmtabletopminiatureswargames 1080x CorvusGamesTerrain3DPrintableOrktownImperialRuinsfor28m 32mmtabletopwargames 1080x

Corvus Games Terrain – Orktown Ruins  Digital STL 3D printable – 15,00 EUR

This is a set of 28mm scale 3D printable Orktown Ruins comprising ten destroyed building designs along with an elevated walkway/catwalk accessible by ramp or steps.

This former Imperial outpost has seen better days and has since been overcome and pillaged by space faring greenskins, who have fortified it in their own special way! Plenty of scope to hide your small squads amongst the various debris and protruding bolted-on hasty fortifications.

Some buildings can be stacked to create larger structures. Combine with the Sci-fi Junk Piles for even more line-of-sight blocking and cover positions.

Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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