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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlichen Neuheiten.

CXorvus Neu Okt2

Grimdark ShakStak Hab Buildings


This set of 3D printable ShakStak Hab shanty dwellings features 3 individual buildings that can used as single structures or combined to form a ’stack‘. Simple ready-made dwellings made „fit for habitation“ by cutting doorways and windows in the sheet metal of old containers. Additions like air purifier units, power conduits, water reclamation units, and extraction fans make life a little more bearable in the underhive.

Each building prints as a single structure with a removable roof for interior play.

CXorvus Neu Okt3

Urban Wrecked School Bus Barricade printable


A 3D printable wrecked School Bus improvised barricade scaled for 28mm urban/modern tabletop wargaming. Perfect for Fallout, Last Days, The Walking Dead All Out War.

Prints as a supportless single piece, with the option to print as a hollowed split model for smaller print beds.

CXorvus Neu Okt1

MidRim City Docking Bay


Build a completely modular Sci-fi Docking Bay for your 28mm – 34mm scale tabletop wargames. Featuring 33 digital STL files with 13 walls, 8 floor pieces and 5 walkway sections, plus option drop-in doors and windows to completely customise the look of your docking bay.

The upper walkway can be accessed by a separate ladder piece and walkway section. Each section connects together using the very popular OpenLOCK connecting clips.


Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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