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Cobramode: Dezember Neuheiten

Cobramode zeigt die Dezember-Modelle.

Cobramode2 Cobramode1

Cobramode – Dezember Neuheiten

December’s #patreon Collection is here! The Ciorcal Druids and their plant familiars are truly chaotic neutral. They only care for the will of their gods, the Grimnismal; Seven Stag gods who each have their own opinions that occasionally conflict. This makes the Ciorcal extremely unpredictable, even to each other. They are the keepers of the Fir Chrannen Forest, and will protect it from anyone who would seek to unbalance their ecosystem. Get it from our Patreon this month at https://patreon.com/cobramode

Ein Patreon-Monat kostet 10,00 USD + VAT.

Die Modelle der vergangenen Monate sind bei My Mini factory MMF erhältlich.

Link: Cobramode Patreon

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