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Chibi Tooth & Sword: Kickstarter läuft

Impact! Miniatures haben die Lizenz für die Tooth & Sword Reihe von Meridian Miniatures erworben und sind mit STl-Files und Remastered Versionen der Miniaturen auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Chibi Tooth & Sword – Digital STL & Physical Miniatures

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 1

Tooth & Sword – Chibi Digital STL miniatures & Digitally Remastered Physical Models

This is our 14th Chibi miniatures project!   7 years ago Andrew May of Meridian Miniatures launched the Tooth & Sword line of Chibi miniatures.  The models were hand sculpted and were a line of chibi that I loved ever since I saw them.  A couple years ago Meridian discontinued selling the entire product line.  Fast forward to today and Impact! was able to negotiate a purchase agreement for the entire line of Tooth & Sword chibi to bring them back to everyone that missed a chance to own them.


However technology improvements have allowed Impact! to 3-D scan all these hand sculpted models and now offer them as high quality digital models for you to print at home as well as remastered physical models as good as the originals.   The 3-D scans also allowed for new versions of the Tooth & Sword models to be offered as Stretch Goals!

We want your feedback, so please leave comments. We plan to engage our backers and would love ideas for other variants that you think need to be stretch goals.

The Miniatures

(see bottom to see the daily releases that are adding more models!)

The digital models will be sent as STL one piece models within a month of the project ending. All of the one piece models will be sent in both no supports AND supported formats.

In addition, if you want the models will be available as physical one piece 3-D prints as well in super high quality resin prints.   Prints will be grey and will come with bases (as many are not free standing models).  MODELS WILL NOT BE PAINTED!

The normal models will be roughly 30mm to top of the models head.  This may vary slightly from model to model.   There is also a Hippogriff model that will be a bonus model if you get all the miniatures which is 50mm in size.

NOTE:  Since Impact sells resin one piece prints and multiple part casts of these models, these files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.   No commercial use of the models or any parts of the models is allowed for any reasons.

 3-D Scans of the models – How good are they?

I was very impressed with how great the 3-D scans of the original 25 Tooth & Sword models came out.  I was able to clean up several of them with my limited digital modeling skills.   Celia Miniatures was incredible and helped out by cleaning up any scans beyond my skills and helping with any Stretch Goals concepts that needed a more experienced hand to help bring to life.

Below is an image to show how great the scanning works.  On the left is an original Tooth & Sword metal cast Songbird Bard model from 7 years ago, in the middle is a printed version of the 3-D scan and on the right is an example of a Stretch Goal model we created from the 3-D Scan (Songbird Archer).

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 2

Without further ado … here are the 25 models you can choose from for the KickStarter! Any single digital model is $3.  So if you wanted just 4 models you could pledge $12 for the $3 Single Digital Model reward  Any single physical printed model costs the amount in the lower right of the image.   You can also get all the models in a set (either Sword Legion or Tooth Guild) in the rewards to the right in either digital or physical format for a discounted price for getting the full set.

The Miniatures


Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 3

Stretch Goals have added the Songbird Bard w/ Lyre model for free to the Digital STL for this full set

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 4

Stretch Goals have added the Songbird Archer model for free to the Digital STL for this full set

If you get both sets (digital or printed), the 50mm Hippogriff model will be included for free with the 2 sets.

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 5

Stretch Goals:

We have come up with 18 stretch goals for new modifications to these models to make new characters.   9 new characters for the Sword Legion and 9 new characters for the Tooth Guild.   Each day the project will reveal a new model for the project as an add-on, if the project has reached the $ goal for that model then it will be added for free to the digital file pack for the set.   We are starting the project today with 2 of the 18 models.

June 29th reveal

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 6

 June 30th reveal

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 7

 July 1st reveal

Chibi Tooth & Sword Remastered 8


Shipping will be collected separately in the pledge manager if you wanted any physically printed models. This is done for 2 reasons. 1) Our pledge manager take less fees than KickStarter does so this means we can charge less for shipping vs if we included it in the KickStarter. 2) The funding goal realistically represents the amount being pledged for the models (not models and shipping) which allow us to make decisions more accurately on extras or stretch goals if any are added. At this time we are estimating that shipping will be charged in the pledge manager at $5 for USA, $14 Canada and $18 Rest of World.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 13 Tage.

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