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Blotz: 20mm Desert Fortress

Blotz haben ein neues Geländestück im Shop: ein Wüstenfort in 20mm.

Blotz DesertFortress20 01 Blotz DesertFortress20 02 Blotz DesertFortress20 03

A little something for our 20mm (1/72) gamers today – in the form of a desert fortress that is great for any era from real-world colonial and 1930’s back-of-beyond adventures right through to the desert planets of the far future.
Constructed from interlocking sections, the pieces of the fort can be switched around, swapped out or added to with additional pieces from the range to make it larger, have ruined walls, give it internal corners and/or short wall sections.
What’s that first comment ?
Please can we have it in 15mm / 28mm (delete as appropriate) ?
Fear not, your troops will have somewhere to seek shelter in the very near future as the fort is being converted to provide kits in those scales too.
The complete fort is a snip at £34.50, with additional wall pieces starting at only £2.50.
All these can be found on the Blotz website in our 20mm Desert Fort section:

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