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Blood Bowl: Bloodspawn Preview

Ein weiterer Starspieler betritt bald die Stadien der Alten Welt, mit dem Bloodspawn für Blood Bowl.

Unleash the Bloodspawn and Paint the Astrogranite Red With Gore!

Bob: Oof. Did you see that hit, Jim?

Jim: I certainly did, Bob. In fact, it was difficult to miss. I had to duck to avoid that poor player’s dismembered arm. The commentary box is meant to be a safe distance from the pitch!

Bob: Ha! Well, you’ve got to admire that Bloodspawn’s dedication to violence, Jim. Look – it’s pulled off the other arm and is beating someone else to death with it! Glorious!

Jim: All this blood is making me feel hung-… er, giddy. Let’s get a quick pitchside report from Alyssa Avalos while I… compose myself.

Games Workshop Unleash The Bloodspawn And Paint The Astrogranite Red With Gore! 1

Alyssa: As one would expect from a Khorne team, whose propensity for extreme violence has been well documented, their players are among the most aggressive and dominant in the game. Their Big Guy, the mutated murder monster known as the Bloodspawn, exemplifies the unapologetic brutality of the team’s play style, and it’s guaranteed to terrify even the most hardened Blood Bowl coaches.

But before we go into detail, here’s this fearsome beast in all its blood-soaked glory.

Games Workshop Unleash The Bloodspawn And Paint The Astrogranite Red With Gore! 2

The blessings of Khorne are evident all over, from the enormously oversized musculature, unnaturally swollen by the Blood God’s unholy power, to the vicious bone spurs protruding from its flesh. And just look at the size of that arm – not even a Treeman would fancy its chances at taking a hit from that thing!

And with good reason. The Bloodspawn is the final word in career-ending carnage. With Strength 5, the horrible combination of Claws and Mighty Blow (+1), and Frenzy for up to two bites at the cherry (the cherry of graphic, casualty-inducing violence), what’s not to love?

If a rising star or Hall of Famer is causing problems, the Bloodspawn is the Khorne team’s most reliable – and often terminal – solution.

Games Workshop Unleash The Bloodspawn And Paint The Astrogranite Red With Gore! 3

The Claws skill makes the Bloodspawn a serious threat even to other Big Guys, as their higher AVs won’t protect them – a roll of 8+ will always break through an opponent’s armour.

Just make sure you skill up a player or two with Guard as soon as possible to give this brute some assists. Then watch as this living wrecking ball tears through your opponent’s players in a gore-drenched rampage.

Speaking of which, I’m out of here before it runs out of players and starts looking elsewhere. Back to you in the commentary box!

Games Workshop Unleash The Bloodspawn And Paint The Astrogranite Red With Gore! 4

Bob: Don’t blame you there, Alyssa. It’s just working its way through the last of the opposing players now, and even its own teammates are starting to look nervous…

Jim: As am I, Bob. As am I.

Bob: I just feel sorry for the groundsmen. It’ll take them forever to get all these bloodstains out of the astrogranite.

Jim: But what about all the players lying in pieces all over the pitch? Don’t you feel sorry for them too?

Bob: Nah, Jim. They had it coming to ’em. They should’ve forfeited the game if they were scared of a bit of rough and tumble.

The Bloodspawn will be available to pre-order later this year.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


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