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Black Scorpion: Neuheiten

Black Scorpion Miniatures veröffentlicht Neuheiten.

We’ve added a couple of new releases to the store and have a special offer running until December 15th!

Any orders of £30 or more (or equivalent in Euro/USD) will receive the Drunk miniature FREE! We’ll add it in automatically so no need to add to the basket. It is also available to buy if you’d like more than one. Already have an order pending? Don’t worry we’ll add it in for you!

The offer runs until December 15th when we’ll stop shipping before Xmas. We’ll then restart in the new year. You can still place orders as normal during that time, they just won’t go out until the new year. For overseas orders to arrive for xmas we suggest ordering as soon as possible, whilst we’ll ship until December 15th, there’s no guarantee orders shipped on that day will arrive in time. For the UK it should be fine.

Aldo released this month are Johnny Ringo and the Fairy! Johnny Ringo is a new model for our Tombstone range. The Fairy is an old model which we’ve re released due to demand. Hope you like them!


Johnnyringo2 1360 Johnnyringoresin 1360 Johnnyringo3 1360 Johnnyringo1 1360

Johnny Ringo 4,24 GBP

Johnny Ringo is a apical character in the Tombstone book, but you can use him as any model you choose for your posse. Both hand are separate pieces. 32mm resin miniature, unpainted. Base supplied.

Fairy1 1360 Fairyback 1360 Fairy3 1360 Fairy2 1360

Fairy 9,25 GBP

A re release from many years ago and always a popular miniature! The fairy has 5 parts. Separate wings, staff and base. 32mm resin miniature. Supplied unpainted with 30mm lipped base.

Drunk 1360

Drunk 4,25 GBP

The Drunk is a one piece 32mm scale resin miniature. Base supplied, unpainted.

Please note this model is FREE with orders of £30 or more until Dec 15th. If you order one and spend £30 you’ll get two! No need to add to basket for the free one if you qualify, we’ll add it in automatically. 

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