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Anvil Digital Forge: November Patreon

Diesen Monat präsentieren Anvil Industry Miniaturen im Design ihres Afterlife Systems auf Patreon.

Novembers Republic Grenadiers!

AI November Patreon 1

The heavily armoured Grenadiers of the Pan-Continental Republic were first released as resin miniatures through a Kickstarter which launched on October 30th 2013! 

AI November Patreon 2

Over the past eight years the Grenadiers have been consistently one of our most popular kits, and we are proud to present on Patreon a completely resculpted and rescaled version of the designs, fully compatible with our male and female Regiments ranges!

AI November Patreon 3

We’ve chosen to omit any terrain or „large“ model this month, which has allowed us to focus our time on producing a much wider selection of modular infantry components.

Here’s everything you get (supplied both with and without supports!) :

AI November Patreon 4

There are enough options in the set to print an entire army without feeling like it’s getting repetitive. Clever use of Multi-Shell elements gives you even more options! (more on that in a future post)

Included in the set for $9 (+VAT if applicable):

Modular Infantry Parts:

  • 12 leg poses – 8 male and 4 female.
  • Male and female torso
  • 4 Separate heads (including a slightly smaller helmet which looks more in proportion on the female bodies)
  • 7 Pistol Grip rifle arm poses (5 male, 2 female)
  • Assault Carbine compatible with any Regiments Pistol Grip rifle arms
  • Male and female sergeant arm pairs
  • 7 combined torsos with the iconic Battle Rifle (multi-shell, if you want to merge the arms digitally with other torsos, or remove the heads/shoulder pad) – 5 male and 2 female
  • Combined male torso with Thermal Lance
  • Combined male torso with Mag Accelerator Anti-Materiel Rifle
  • Separate Assault Carbine, Battle Rifle, Thermal Lance, Mag Accelerator Rifle and pistol.
  • Separate shoulder pad for conversions (useful if you want to mirror a model or arm pose but still have the pad on the correct side)

Detailed Character Models (all with multi-shell options)

  • Male Commander with binoculars
  • Male Commander body with slung rifle (no arms)
  • Female Commander with slung rifle and pointing hand
  • Female Sniper with cloak
  • Male Sniper (kneeling, with cloak)
  • Male Medic with pistol

AI November Patreon 5

Grenadiers with Assault Carbines (or compatible with any pistol grip rifle). The scopes on all weapons are removable.

AI November Patreon 6

Single piece torsos with Battle Rifles – combining a grenade launcher and carbine in a lethal bullpup weapon!

AI November Patreon 7 AI November Patreon 8

Above: The asymmetric large left shoulder pad is a removable shell element on most models.

Below: Detail showing rear armour – the armoured triple backplate is a removable shell element.

AI November Patreon 9

The Mag Accelerator Rifle provides compact firepower at a distance!

AI November Patreon 10 AI November Patreon 11 AI November Patreon 12

Here are close up renders of the individual infantry components:

AI November Patreon 13 AI November Patreon 14 AI November Patreon 15 AI November Patreon 16

Note that two enclosed heads are supplied. The neck ball is the same on both. The female one is slightly smaller and looks more in proportion on the female torsos, but also works on the male torsos for a slightly more „true scale“ look.

AI November Patreon 17

And finally, here are individual renders of our more detailed, single-piece character models:

AI November Patreon 18

The arms on the model above are also supplied separately to be used with other female leg poses. The male body below is supplied without the binocular arms, and then works with the separate male sergeant arms.

AI November Patreon 19 AI November Patreon 20 AI November Patreon 21 AI November Patreon 22 AI November Patreon 23 AI November Patreon 24

We hope you like the models.


Team Anvil

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