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Alternative Armies: Neuheiten

Alternative Armies haben u.a. Neuheiten in der „Black Powder Terrain“-Reihe im Programm.

Black Powder Terrain Wayside Shrine & Shrine Tokens

Alternative Armies: Black Powder Terrain – Wayside Shrine & Shrine Tokens

Now released in our growing 28mm Black Powder Terrain Range a Wayside Shrine and separate Shrine Tokens. Great for many settings from Fantasy to Horse and Musket and of course Flintloque. Shrine is 60mm tall. Our event ends 3rd May 2021 with 20% off automatically at checkout on all orders no code needed plus free Troll. See our blog for details or the range on the website. Thanks!
Legion De Nain

Alternative Armies: Legion de Nain

Brand new Legion de Nain Line. Eight poses of Dwarf kicking off the biggest expansion to Flintloque miniatures EVER in one year in 2021. Click through to our blog for these, more information and an introduction to The Bier Wars too which is beginning in a full article. See the website for the figures directly. March to War 2021 event is on meaning 20% off every order at checkout no code needed plus 24 new releases and a free 40mm tall Troll in every April order shipped. Thanks everyone and mine is a pint! https://bit.ly/3xdSqXv & https://bit.ly/2QM0VIt

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