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Agema: Previews

Agema Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook neue Previews.

Agema Messapians Previews 2 Agema Messapians Previews 3 Agema Messapians Previews 4 Agema Messapians Previews 1

Agema – Messapians Previews

Hi All,
I know I was going to show you part 3 of my own Roman Legionary Army (the Principes) but I keep getting distracted – the weather is nice here and we have a long weekend (public holiday) so I’ve been working on the house / in the garden, and unpacking figures and lining up pictures has drifted – for which, I apologise.
However, I do have some WIPs to show you. If you can recall, Stavros sculpted some Messapian heads and Hellenistic Thureos shields to go on our existing plastic Roman bodies some time ago. I’ve had the master casts back, and the lovely chaps over at Artmaster Studio have painted them up for me. And here they are!
The first 2 chaps have the metal Thureos (with built in arm to make attachment to the plastic body easier) and heads added, the second 3 heads and wicker Scutum shields. The idea with these guys is you can make a unit of Mercenary or allied Thureos, or Southern Italian Messapians to go with your legion or Carthaginian force, where normally such small or unusual factions don’t get covered.
Open question here therefore – these guys have been mastered, but would you like to see them produced next? I’m not sure how much demand there will be for them you see, so not sure if these should be released next, or something else. It’s up to you guys!
Let me know what you think.
 Agema War Elephant Victim Previews 2 Agema War Elephant Victim Previews 3 Agema War Elephant Victim Previews 4 Agema War Elephant Victim Previews 1

Agema – War Elephant Victim Previews

I thought I would share some more ‚missing pics‘ of figures with you today – missing in the sense that the figures have been up in the webstore for sale for a while, but without images to show you what your parting with your hard earned for! Co-ordinating miniature moulding and releasing with pics of painted miniatures is not an easy task, and occasionally there’s a mis-match, as has occurred of late (and I’d rather not stockpile releases for months on end – better to get figures out there I always think!).
Anyhow, this week, our resin ’naked‘ elephant with mahout only, getting to grips with an unlucky Roman Hastatus. The elephant and mahout are available as a single entity (resin elephant, metal mahout) but the ‚victim‘ is available as a separate item which you can add to the original kit to give you the above vignette. The sculpting of the mahout and victim was by chum Gary Morley, and I think you can almost feel the breath being squeezed out of the hapless legionary!
I’ve recently received re-stocks of both sets, so plenty in stock (for now!) for those of you keen to add a bit of grizzly reality to your Roman / Carthaginian match-ups!

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