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4Ground: Vanguard Tactics Terrain

Von 4Ground kommen weitere Geländestücke, ideal für Gefechte in der fernen Zukunft.

4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 1 4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 2 4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 3

4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 4 4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 5 4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 6 4Ground New Vanguard Tactics Terrain! 7

New Vanguard Tactics Terrain!
Today we would like to highlight the brand new Administratum Ruins and Industrial Sector just released on our website for the Vanguard Tactics Signature Terrain Series!
The Administratum Ruins have been designed to be adaptable for competitive and narrative play with customisable windows which can be inserted and removed between games to allow for differing set-ups, making this terrain perfect for immersive battlefields and tactical gameplay!
These have the same Vanguard Tactics signature base size to match with the other ranges and for optimal gameplay purposes. Additionally, they are all pre-painted and have varying sizes, shapes and levels.
There is the new Industrial Sector which provides more line of sight blocking obstacles as well as rough and dense terrain features!
In this sector we have new Industrial Containers for line of sight blocking, Scaffold Towers for dense terrain as well as Vents and Pits for rough terrain. All also have an optional base which is sold separately so you can customise each features footprint!
That’s a whole new set of ruins and scatter terrain you can use to create a fully fleshed out battlefield with cover and obstacles! You can find it all in the link below:https://www.4groundpublishing.co.uk/new-releases
Quelle: 4Ground auf Facebook

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