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3D Alien Worlds: Tempel Glocken Preview

Mit einem ausführlichen Vorschauartikel stellen 3D Alien Worlds die kommende Tempel Glocke vor und geben einen Einblick in den Entwicklungsprozess.

Designing the temple bell

The third of this month’s new samurai terrain pieces is ready to test-print, so we should have some nice assembled photos to show you in a few days.

3D Alien Worlds Designing The Temple Bell 1

This is the real-life shōrō bell at Goshoji Temple, which has a very similar roof shape to our model. As you can see, the ornamentation on the roof is stunning!

3D Alien Worlds Designing The Temple Bell 2

And here is the completed render of the new design. The roof is a modified version of the big castle’s top level, and features those awesome mid-roof curved sections.

3D Alien Worlds Designing The Temple Bell 3

The frame and base are based on the sumo ring’s design, with some alterations. The left front post also features some engraved kanji characters, taken from an actual Buddhist temple bell. Funnily enough, my son Euan (16, and goes to a Buddhist school) was the only one able to identify which branch (sect?) of the religion it belonged to!

3D Alien Worlds Designing The Temple Bell 4

The design of the large central bell is based on this real-life one, from Chion-in. This one features some great authentic details, such as the studs, piping and striking plate.

Our striking beam, however, required some thicker ropes than the real-life version, to be able to print properly. The striking beam and ropes are printed in two easy parts, and it should even be possible to print without supports! Fingers crossed….

3D Alien Worlds Designing The Temple Bell 5

Here’s the side view of the structure – as you can see, the ornamentation and detail on this model are highly realistic, and this will make a great addition to my growing temple complex board.

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