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3D Alien Worlds: Sumo Ring

3D Alien Worlds haben mit dem Sumo Ring ein ungewöhnliches Geländestück als STL-Datei für den 3D Drucker im Programm.

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Samurai Sumo Ring – 6,00 USD

An ancient sumo wrestling ring from old Japan. A large stone/clay base and steps lead up to the sacred dohyō ring (actually made from small rice bails), and the whole structure is covered by an ornate tiled roof. It measures 167mm (6½“) tall, with a table footprint of 185mm x 125mm (7½“ x 5″). Two versions (with and without curtains) are included.

This building would be the pride of any feudal-era town or village, and is often found near shrines or community buildings.

This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • Stone base with steps
  • Column structure with curtains
  • Column structure without curtains
  • Detachable roof
* Villager models and sumo wrestlers not included.

Quelle: 3D Alien Worlds


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