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3D Alien Worlds: Samurai Temple Outer Gate Release

Das Tor für den Tempel von 3D Alien Worlds ist ab sofort verfügbar, bereit zum ausdrucken mit einem 3D Drucker.

3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 1 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 2 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 3 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 4

3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 6 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 7 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 8 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Outer Gate 9

Samurai Temple Outer Gate – 10,00 USD

A large two-storey rōmon outer gate building from old Japan, to fit the Temple Walls Set.

This building is 240mm wide (270mm at the roof) and 270mm (11″) tall with the base, and replaces a double section of straight wall. A massive 78mm tall double gate connects inner and outer steps, and fenced bays either side of the gateway on the inside house two large Niō deity statues. Two statue models are also included – although please note that these are not our creations or part of the paid files. They are taken from Thingiverse (available under Creative Commons Licenses and fully attributed) and resized to match this gate building set, and are included for your convenience.

A second storey features an interior room with barred windows (plus ornamental window and shuttered window options), hinged doors, and surrounding balcony. The base section can be connected to other wall sections using the joining clips or 5mm magnets.

This temple gate building can also be used as part of a larger Shinto shrine complex, with a suitable (red!) paint scheme. It also makes a great background for your model photos!

This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • Outer gate building with roof and optional base.
  • Alternative window designs
  • Two deity statues (supported and unsupported versions included)
  • Joining clips

* Samurai warrior models not included. Temple wall sections not included.

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