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3D Alien Worlds: Japanische Tempel Pagode

Die große japanische Pagode von 3D Alien Worlds ist erhältlich.

3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 1 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 2 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 7

3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 3 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 6 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 4 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 5

3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 8 3DAlienWorlds Samurai Temple Pagoda 9

Samurai Temple Pagoda – 14,00 USD

A 5-storied temple pagoda from old Japan, based on the beautiful wooden pagoda at Ruriko Temple (built in 1442). This model features authentic details and measurements taken from construction schematics kindly provided by temple staff!

This building measures 223mm wide at the 1st level roof, and can be mounted on the 170mm stone base. Three versions of the stone base are included, so you can choose to have steps on one side, two sides, or all four sides. In total it measures 566mm tall from base to spire tip, and can be printed completely support-free!

The 1st level features authentic offering accessories, and the second floor features a narrow surrounding balcony. Doorways on the 1st and 2nd levels can be modelled opened or closed, or with wooden grills, and windows can be modelled with wooden bars or ornamental screens. The 1st and 2nd levels have detailed interiors.

A buddha statue is also included – although please note that this is not our creation or part of the paid files. It is taken from Thingiverse (available under Creative Commons Licenses and fully attributed) and resized to match this pagoda interior, and is included for your convenience.

This downloadable ZIP file contains the following STL files :

  • 5 pagoda levels, with detailed roofs and underside supports
  • Stone base (1, 2 and 4 step versions)
  • Ornamental spire and hanging decorations
  • 3 door variations
  • 2 window variations
  • Buddha statue and offering table

* Priest model not included.

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