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3D Alien Worlds: Beschädigte Mauer Preview

3D Alien Worlds arbeiten an einem neuen Stück Mauer, dieses aber in einem beschädigten Zustand und zeigen auf ihrer Seite eine Vorschau.

There was such a great response to the Temple Walls set released at the weekend, that I wanted to push on quickly to bring out 2 little additions to the samurai collection.

The first of these new releases will be a ruined castle wall section, to fit into the existing castle wall pieces.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 1

Here’s a photo of the real-life inspiration for the ruined section – the famous Kumamoto castle, after its walls collapsed during the big 2016 earthquake.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 2

Our castle walls are slightly smaller in scale, but this ruined section can slot neatly into a double-width section in your castle wall layout. You could either model it as a quake-collapsed section, or possibly a breach in the walls caused by battle damage or an explosion!

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 3

You can also choose to model it without the top wall pieces, if you prefer.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 4

The collapsed section has been modelled with playability in mind, with a slightly flattened bottom and some handy 25mm-base-sized rocks at variousl points, rather than a solid slope all the way up.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 5

Here’s a close-up of the wall tops. They feature the arrow slits from the undamaged walls, with cracks, broken tiles and missing plaster sections on the outside, plus glimpses of the bamboo pieces used to hold the walls together. A whole lot of authentic details there!

Following on from this week’s reveal of the upcoming Ruined Castle Wall section, today we have another damaged terrain piece to announce – the Ruined Stone Wall!

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 2 1

This was the inspiration for the ruined wall section, which I photographed a while back on one of my little wanderings through old Japanese villages. The construction is quite interesting – a rough frame of bamboo is held together with twine (you can see this poking out of the damaged parts), and then the wall’s core is built up with rocks and dried mud. Finally, the outer facing is plastered on, and this is the part that tends to fall off first, due to age, bumps or earthquakes.

So the goal was to incorporate some of those details into this new ruined section, to give your tables some extra realism. Here’s how it looks….

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 2 2

This ruined section comes in 4 parts, and simply replaces an undamaged 120mm section of stone wall from the existing set.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 2 3

If you look closely you should be able to make out the bamboo and twine frame inside the damaged wall, and there are also some tiles from the roof scattered in the broken rocks and rubble at the base.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 2 4

Here’s a look at how the 4 parts separate. The upper walls have holes for magnets in the ends, and also holes in the bottom to fit onto the stone bases.

They can all be printed without supports, and I printed these at 0.1mm layers since they are pretty small and fast to make.

3D Alien World Ruinded Wall Preview 2 5

If you want, you can also use the upper walls without the stone bases, for lower height walls.

These ruined stone walls are currently on the paint desk along with the ruined castle walls, and will be released very shortly.

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