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Vanguard Miniatures: Forlorn Hope Storm Squads

Vanguard Miniatures haben ein weiteres neues Sci-Fi Set in ihrem Shop.

Vanguard Miniatures Forlorn Hope Storm Squads 01 Vanguard Miniatures Forlorn Hope Storm Squads 02 Vanguard Miniatures Forlorn Hope Storm Squads 03 Vanguard Miniatures Forlorn Hope Storm Squads 04 Vanguard Miniatures Forlorn Hope Storm Squads 05 Vanguard Miniatures Forlorn Hope Storm Squads 06

When called upon to do so the Novan Elites will form special squads of volunteers to storm fortifications or breach the formidable defences of starships during boarding actions. The Forlorn Hope Storm Squads as they are known carry heavy blast shields and specialised weapons to aid them in these extremely hazardous duties.

Origin, born in the crucible of the many sieges and breaching operations of the great Skinner’s Insurrection the storm squads have ever since become an integral part of the many tactical doctrines of the Novan Elites Legions.

Set contains:

4 x Elites sergeants (in two poses)

4 x Elites special weapon troopers (in two poses)

40 x Elites with Storm Shields

2 x Elites casualties

50 figures in total.

Preis: 9.00 GBP


Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures


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