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THMiniatures: Scorpion Gelände

THMiniatures veröffentlicht neues Ragnarok Gelände.

Ornamented Stele.jpg

Ornamented Stele – 16,00 CAD

“The old archeologist ardently lectured his disciple for his nonchalant attitude towards the stunning stele the wind had uncovered from the sand overnight! Armed with his usual small brush, the old man was delighted by the fineness of the engraving on this piece of rock forgotten there for many decades, maybe even centuries… Softly, he caressed the symbolic shape which was once again offered to the generous rays of the sun in this highly arid region! He called upon his student by asking him what animal the engraving made him think of! The ignorance of the latter irritated the archeologist who shouted, distressed: But a scorpion, be careful, idiot! It was the last thing the young man heard, the stinger of a dark arachnid stuck in his foot, and already pouring its lethal venom for the past few seconds…”

Resin scenery for your 25 to 32mm tabletop miniatures games.
Sold Unpainted

Defensive Wall.jpg

Defensive Wall – 13,00 CAD

“In silence, the five clones knelt behind an old dilapidated wall to ready their crossbows… The first carefully took a vial from its belt, and, unstoppering it, placed a drop of a green and sticky liquid on the tip of each of its quarrels; one after the other its four acolytes did the same. They were ready. All they had to do was wait for the merchant caravan to pass by, and, once it was below them, they could finally attack … But there was no question of killing any of these people, they merely had to wound them so that the poison given to them by their creators could take effect, by plunging all of its victims into a dreamless slumber … their masters would be pleased, as a score of new test subjects for their unholy experiments was a rather rare commodity in this sterile desert…”

Sandy Column.jpg

Sandy Colunm – 16,00 CAD

“Suddenly, the strange tiger leapt gracefully onto the small promontory which jutted barely a meter out from the sand! It cautiously sniffed the stone and spotted a small drop of blood left there by one of its prey … The hunt could finally resume! The tiger’s sense of smell would be a precious advantage in its search through the sparse ruins of the civilization of its ancient masters. A cataclysm had ravaged everything eons ago, but the creature remembered perfectly this particular area, and the three bipeds who had spent days attempting to run from it under a heavy sun would soon be in a bad situation! There would be no refuge in this place for these fragile humans…”

Lab Section.jpg

Lab Section – 15,00 CAD

“Clumsily, the scout surging to the top of the last dune rolled down its slope and ended his frantic dash at the feet of his Lieutenant, like a drunken cask! Catching his breath with deep gasps of air, he gave a succinct report outlining how things would unfold … Indeed, the short walls found here and there looked eerily like those they were able to observe a few weeks earlier in a long-abandoned underground laboratory! But what were these ramshackle remains doing in this furnace of a desert, and, more importantly, what geniuses or madmen could have built them in lands as distant as they were different?”

Lab Tank.jpg

Lab Tank – 15,00 CAD

“It seemed long-abandoned, forgotten by those who had built it with care, intended to be sealed for eternity, and yet eroded by sand and corroded by a liquid which was still leaking from within… But what monstrosity could this vat of unknown technology contain? wondered the Inquisitor lost in thought. The return to reality was brutal, as the impressive column of travelers was already resuming its journey towards a mysterious destination!”

Abandoned Lab.jpg

Abandoned Lab – 26,00 CAD

“It had been many hours since the engineer had started to try to desperately break the opening mechanism of this strange portal of oxidized metal hidden among the dunes of this immense desert! Far away, one could see the approach of a terrible sandstorm… there was no time to waste! The small group of survivors absolutely had to be able to find refuge in this makeshift shelter… A heavy click made the entire door tremble as it slowly creaked open into an oppressive Darkness! Strangely, the danger no longer seemed to come from outside, but from the entrails of this overly-dark place. What would they discover once through the entrance, as there’d be no going back?”

Ragnarok Scorpion.jpg

Ragnarok – Scorpion Set -110,00 CAD

“The meanders of the Scorpion have driven more than one explorer completely mad, and those are the lucky ones! The corpses of those who are less fortunate are drying under the heat of the sun in this desert where for centuries this enigmatic nation of scientists has chosen to reside. Their dark goal is that of the perfect being, and the work continues in scattered underground laboratories hidden from all, filled with traps each more treacherous than the last … The one who will uncover the secrets of the Scorpion has not yet been born … or has already died!”

Jeweils 1x die oben aufgeführten Geländestücke und das nur in diesem Set erhältliche:

Scorpion Outpost.jpg

Scorpion Outpost

“At last, I’ve found it! The entrance secretly hidden among the moving dunes! Finally I’ll be able to enter the depths of the forbidden laboratory of the Ancients, its many mysteries, and its precious treasures will soon be mine, and I’ll become the Kingdom’s most powerful alchemist… There’s only one door keeping me from the secret knowledge buried here for eons!”: Last paragraph written in an anonymous travel journal found in the deep desert!

… und der Painting Guide.


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