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Super Dungeon Explore: Otto, der königliche Paladin

Mit einer neuen Masterclass Miniature betritt Otto, der königliche Paladin die Tiefen des Super Dungeon Explore von Ninja Division.

Ninja Division Otto The Royal Paladin 1 Ninja Division Otto The Royal Paladin 2 Ninja Division Otto The Royal Paladin 3 Ninja Division Otto The Royal Paladin 4

Otto the Royal Paladin – 19,99 USD

Otto the Royal Paladin LIMITED EDITION Masterclass Miniature!

This Limited Edition Royal Paladin Masterclass Miniature features Otto the Royal Paladin, the hero of the Super Dungeon Novel, The Midnight Queen. 

Otto the Royal Paladin will be available to order only until September 14th. 

Once this period ends we will do the last production order to fulfill any outstanding orders.


  • 1x Otto the Royal Paladin Masterclass Miniature
  • 1x Royal Paladin Hero Card
  • 1x 25mm Black Base

Take your Super Dungeon hobby to the next level with Super Dungeon: Masterclass! This premium line of resin models is specifically designed for hobby enthusiasts and gamers alike! Featuring Heroes and monsters from throughout the realms of Crystalia, these finely detailed miniatures bring the world of Super Dungeon to life as never before. Each Masterclass miniature includes cards that allow it to be used in your games of Super Dungeon!

This is an unpainted resin model. Preparing, cleaning up and assembly may be required.

Ages 14+

Not a toy. Choking hazard due to small parts. Product contents may vary from those pictured.

Designed and made in the USA.

Quelle: Ninja Division


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