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Spellcrow: Neuheiten

Spellcrow haben ihre 10mm Reihe erweitert und einen Wald gebaut.


This unit is dedicated to the Arox army in the Argatoria Wargame.

Set contains 8 miniatures of The Sanctified and 4 bases (20mm x 20mm).
These models are in a 10mm scale. High quality resin casts, packed in red blisters.
Require cleaning and painting.

Sculpting: Piotr Pirianowicz, Marek Rurarz

Die Einheit kostet 6,50 Pfund.
Alternativ können auch 32 Sanctified als eine Einheit erworben werden:
Die 32er Box kostet 19,50 Pfund.
In this set, you will find 4 unique resin miniatures (two Champions and two Mages), as well as 4 rocks with Dirandis symbols to decorate your bases. Heroes are a fundamental part of every army, so if you want to start collecting Dirandis, this set is for you!

Scale: 10 mm
Sculpting: Piotr Pirianowicz, Marek Rurarz

Die Helden kosten 8,80 Pfund.

This set contains 3 high-quality resin trees, which create the Enchanted Wood. Trees can be assembled to the bases at different angles thanks to their round bottom, so you won’t have two trees that look exactly the same. The Enchanted Wood is a perfect scenery for wargaming battlefields and it allows you to create both huge forests and smaller groves. The set requires assembling, cleaning, and painting.

Set contains:
3 tree trunks
3 bases
16 branches

Scale: 28 mm

Design and sculpting:
Piotr Pirianowicz – Trees
Tetyana Orlovska – Bases

Die Bäume kosten 19,50 Pfund.

Link: Spellcrow


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