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Spellcrow: Neue WiP-Previews

Spellcrow zeigt Previews des aktuellen WIPs des Mechanical Golems und anderer Projekte.

Spellcrow Neue WiP Previews

In the past few weeks we were showing you some work in progress photos of this Mechanical Golem. Only a few touches and he will be finished –  The model is fully handmade.

Spellcrow Neue WiP Previews2

This picture shows the rear of the almost finished Mechanical Golem and the 28mm Gnome for size comparison
On his back you can see various mechanisms, a magic boiler and an emergency exit, which the crew can escape in the event of danger (if it is slim enough). We hope you like it.
Spellcrow Neue WiP Previews3
Crests or steel horns? Or maybe something else? If you have any ideas, write them below  We are finishing a new unit for Arox army – The Sanctified.
Spellcrow Neue WiP Previews4
The Minotaur, which you saw some time ago as a work in progress, has been finished  Back then we asked what weapon would be best for him and we hope you like the one that he got in the end.
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