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Secret Weapon Miniatures: Neue Previews

Bei Secret Weapon wird an neuen Bases gearbeitet.

SW Secret Weapon HD Bases 3

We spent six months putting this idea through its paces – with extensive testing to ensure our technology is solvent safe, glue safe, varnish safe… SO MANY TESTS! It was worth it though, as we found several potential problems and solved those issues before we were ready to bring these to market.

  • And now…. stay tuned for a LOT of previews!
  • Make sure you tune in with Next Level Painting as Kenny will have previews AND samples of the new products to give away.
  • This is going to be big, and you won’t want to miss it.
  • 100% manufactured in the USA

SW Secret Weapon HD Bases 1 SW Secret Weapon HD Bases 2

More previews of our upcoming HD Bases release. This really shows off the depth, and texture we’re getting. Just a few more weeks….

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