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Sarissa Precision: Rorke’s Drift

Neu von Sarissa – Rorke’s Drift Geländeset für den Zulu-Krieg in 28mm.

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Sarissa Precision – Rorke’s Drift Gelände MDF – 28mm

The Zulus who marched on Rorke’s Drift during the afternoon of January 22, 1879, did not realise that their objective was an important link in the logistical chain supporting the British invasion of their homeland.

Nestled beneath the steep slopes of Shiyane Hill the mission comprised of two key buildings, a hospital and a storehouse. Behind the storehouse was a cookhouse, and 10 yards northeast of the masonry kraal was a large stock pen.

Our Rorke’s Drift set comprises both the hospital building and storehouse as well as a Colonial Wagon with Ammo crates.  We have also included enough scouring pads to create thatched roofing for both buildings.  The buildings are shown here using our Terrain Tiles as bases.  These are not included in the kits.  However if you use the terrain tiles as a large base it creates a great diorama set that could be locked into a full terrain tile battlefield.

  • Set: 50,00 GBP
  • Hospital: 25,00 GBP
  • Storehouse: 26,00 GBP

Link: Sarissa

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