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Pacific Rim: Wave 2 Preorder

Der Kampf zwischen Jägern und Kaiju geht weiter.

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 0

That is right, Wave 2 is available for pre-order on our backerkit pre-order store!

Buying from our pre-order store gets you all eight Kaiju and Jaegers being released in Wave 2 for just £199, saving £81 on RRP.

If you haven’t picked up Wave 1 yet, you can get it from your local gaming store as well as on our website! Wave 2 adds a huge amount of versatility to the game, more than doubling the number of Kaiju and Jaegers to choose from. You can see tons of information on Wave 2 and its contents below.

Well… what are you waiting for? Buy it now!

Wave 2 Production Update

Now that all of the models for Wave 1 have been released and launched into the world, it is time for an update about the current progress of Wave 2. In terms of overall project progress, we are on track to deliver Wave 2 in Spring 2020. We will be able to be more precise as we’ll be nearing the end of production.

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 1

What’s in Wave 2?

Wave 2 consists of eight new models. Here are some photos of the actual physical masters (NOT renders). I’ll hope you agree with us that they look awesome!

Jaegers – Guardian Bravo, Bracer Phoenix, Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon.

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 2 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 3 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 4 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 5

Kaiju – Otachi, Raijin, Leatherback and Slattern.

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 6 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 7 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 8 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 9

Progress – Printed Material

By which we mean the packaging, and all of the cards and other gaming material you find in the box of every model. These are all finished in terms of design, and are being printed. They will then be stored flat, ready to be built and assembled when the painted models are finished. Here’s an example for you:

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 10

Progress – Moulds

The complex engineering process of splitting the models and cutting the steel moulds is ongoing and nearing the end, so soon we’ll be starting the plastic injection step.

Here are the very interesting pictures showing the models‘ parts as they are planned for moulding.

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 11 RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 12

Progress – Painting

All the painting schemes have been approved by the licensor, and now we are creating the actual masters for the factory workers to copy. In the next update we will share the painted models with you in all of their glory, so keep your eyes peeled – and here’s a sneak peek!

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 13

Join us at the very first PRE tournament!

RH Pacific Rim Wave 2 14

Come join us at Black Dragon Miniatures in Hinckley on the 25th of January 2020, for a fun day of Jaeger vs Kaiju madness! Select your force of Kaiju, Jaegers… or mixed! Download the Tournament Pack (or the printer friendly version) and join the fray!

Purchasing a ticket (only £5) secures you a place, and on the day you will receive a voucher worth £5 to spend in-store.

The winner and runners-up will be entered in our hall of fame and will take home rich prizes. So, fame and fortune await – join now!

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