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Nordlys Miniatures: Adrift and at Peace

Nordlys Miniatures sind mit zwei neuen Kits auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Adrift and at Peace: Resin Miniature Kits of Man and Nature

Two resin vignette miniature kits, ‚Arctic Encounter‘ (1:35 scale) and ‚the Wanderer‘ (1:20 scale).

A breath of fresh air…

This Kickstarter sees to release two new resin kits for Nordlys Miniatures. Both sculpted by Alexander Deryabin, They show man and nature in peaceful harmony. Both models require some skill and tools to assemble and should preferably be painted, but could look good on their own on the shelf.

Both are strictly limited to 150 copies each.

The model of Arctic Encounter will also be offered as a complete display version aimed at non-hobby people.

This is a project very dear to me. Both projects have been art directed by me. Seeing as these are personal projects, I have kept the price to an absolute minimum. I will try to make a few stretch goals and interesting bits underway, but first and foremost I hope you will enjoy ‚Arctic Encounter‘ and ‚the Wanderer‘ for what they are. I am super proud of both, and cross every one of my fingers (and toes) that they will be produced and be succesful.

Thank you for joining me on this jouney!

Description of models

Arctic Encounter is a model displaying a traditional Greenland kayak hunter in a peaceful moment witnessing two narwhals – a mother and calf – passing by. The hunter silently observes, draws his paddle from water in order not to disturb them. The model is scale 54mm (1:32), and the kayak is about 16 cm. The whales are about 10 and 16 cm long for calf and mother, respectfully. I aim to make this as historically accurate as possible, but will take some freedom to adapt to the medium and make it visually interesting.

I won’t lie, there are a lot of parts. And tiny parts too. And you have to assemble harpoon, harness and bladder with wire, and lots of little bones and wire to hold everything in place. I will include a detailed instruction in kit. Don’t worry, it will be fun!

Adrift And At Peace 1 Adrift And At Peace 2 Adrift And At Peace 3

All the different parts of ‘Arctic Encounter’

The Wanderer is a model showing a hiker on a hill with her dog, a Malinois Shepherd, resting and enjoying the view. She has a bottle of water in hand, but the set also comes with interchangable hands holding a wine bottle or a gun, allowing you to tell other stories with the model. She comes with a detailed backpack. The model is size 1:20, or 90 mm. The model comes with a large scenic round resin base. The base is about 95 mm in diameter.

Adrift And At Peace 4 Adrift And At Peace 5 Adrift And At Peace 6 Adrift And At Peace 7

Above shows models with all three hands in different angles.

Story behind models

The Wanderer: Before Nordlys Miniatures was created, I posted a question on Facebook about civilian models. A few suggestions came, but models like that are rare. I googled quite a bit for inspiration and found a diver, a dancer and, yes, a female hiker with a dog. This image was so powerful, and it stuck with me. None of my nordic sculptor friends felt up for the task, and so I asked Alexander. I knew all along he would be perfect for the task, and doing it would give me the chance to create something amazing that I really was passionate about myself. I asked my wife, Signe, to pose for this model, which she did with our little dog, Kali, resting in the grass next to her. This very image has been used as a basis for the model. When I look at the wanderer I first and foremost see a peaceful and powerful image of Signe. What I want from life is being at peace in nature with my family, and this model is the embodiment of that vision.

Adrift And At Peace 9

Signe posing with Kali, and fellow Nordlys Miniatures‘ Mads at Yosemite.

Ben Komets came up with the idea of interchangable parts. He suggested I would throw in a cigar in a model kit as a bit of fun. Although no cigar is found here, there is a wine bottle and a gun. A gun could not be further from the intend of the model, and I find this thrilling. Maybe you can envision this girl as a zombie apocalyptic survivor? Or maybe as a homeless girl? Creativity, fun and play is what this model is all about.

Arctic encounter: Two years ago my familiy and I were invited to Eastern Greenland by my parents.

Adrift And At Peace 10

My boys at Tinit – at the end of the world.

My wife and I went sea kayaking and got up real close to the icebergs. There were whales everywhere in the ocean and looking down we could almost imagine what it would feel like with a close encounter with some whales. The idea stuck with me. For me, Greenland has a special place in my heart. My parents met in Tasiilaq, and seeing it in person, a lot of pieces connected. For some reason I had never been, and being a grown man I finally got the chance. Greenland has been with me since, and I really wanted to create a special piece to give to my parents as a gift. Growing up our childhood home had antique hunting equipment hanging on the wall of our living room, and as a child looking at these, they always carried lots of stories I did not understand at the time. I remember flipping through old books seeing the illustrations and photos, and these very illustrations have been sent to the sculptor for use as reference in creating this. Pictures taken straight from these books from the 70’s to be used for sculpting references.

Adrift And At Peace 11

For this model I wanted it to be very clear, that although he is a hunter (and has yet to catch anything), and narwhals are in fact hunted in Greenland, he lets these two pass. I think that creates a very striking image.

I see many ways of displaying this. Flat surface or clear water. Animals and no animals. A little curious seal popping his head out of the water. It is all up to you.


Adrift And At Peace 8 1 Adrift And At Peace 8 2


I pack in sturdy boxes and send in bubble envelopes or cardboard boxes. I give my guarantee that your stuff will arrive safe and sound.

I ship worldwide. I send unregistered to countries overseas, and some European ones. If you wish for parcels to be tracked and insured, then just add 8 euros to the pledged amount and note it when kickstarter ends (or send me a message).

If you are ordering from outside of EU, then customs fees may apply. I cannot be held accountable for this.

Please be aware, that the COVID19 has created some delays in shipping, and that your parcel may be a long time underway.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 27 Tage.

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