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Necromunda: Rückblick und Ausblick auf 2021

Games Workshop geben einen Rückblick auf die in diesem Jahr erschienen Erweiterungen für Necromunda und geben einen Ausblick auf das kommende Jahr.

The Future of the Underhive

It’s been an incredible year for Necromunda in 2020! Today, we’re taking a look back at some of the key releases and showing off the roadmap for 2021.

This year has seen the launch of the first three “House of…” books – House of Chains, House of Blades, and House of Iron. These tomes are the definitive guides to the clans, featuring their in-depth history as well as new rules, tactics, and ways to play those gangs in your games of Necromunda. To top it off, we also showed you a sneak peek at the next book, House of Artifice, in the Decadence & Decay online preview.
Games Workshop The Future Of The Underhive 2

New kits were released alongside each book, making it easy to expand your gangs with young, hungry fighters and experienced gang Champions. The Forge-born and Stimmers added some speed and even more strength to the Goliaths.

Escher gangs can now call on those young tearaways the Wyld Runners with their vicious Phelynx, and can even unleash the undead in the form of Death-maidens.

More recently, Orlock ranks grew with the release of the airborne Wreckers and the Arms Masters, with their accompanying Cyber-mastiffs.

We’ve also had the release of the BIGGEST gang that we’ve seen in the underhive in the form of the Slave Ogryn Gang. What they might lack in intelligence, they more than make up for in unadulterated strength.

Praise Lord Helmawr for such a bountiful solar cycle! And that’s without even talking about the Eightfold Harvest Lord, Doctor Arachnos, or the amazing Gang Stronghold. 2021 is going to be just as great – check out the roadmap for next year.

The Cawdor and Delaque clans get the “House of…” treatment and we’ll be seeing some of the Necromunda characters that already have awesome artwork make their debuts as models. So we might be seeing this Master Nautican in the underhive before long – that will be especially helpful for anyone who wants to get a nice cool glass of water in the underhive.*

We’ll be taking a look at all of the new models soon, and our resident Enforcer Captain will continue to give his monthly briefings in Underhive Informant.

* It’s definitely better than a glass of Second Best!

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